What’s a FREEk?


What’s a FREEk? To become a FREEk is a journey.  It’s a person who is tired of managing an image.  It’s a person who has always known deep down there’s more to themselves, more to life, and more to a relationship with God than they have ever been able to access before.  There are a thousand different paths that have landed people on what we call FREEk Island.  The island is populated by people who have come face to face with challenges, trauma, and hardship in this thing we call life, but when they tried to find answers, what has worked for others doesn’t seem to work for them.  Church, counseling, that thing they used to use to numb the pain…nothing works.  But somewhere deep down inside there is a longing to search.  With that longing there sometimes comes fear, and anxiety because that search is going to cause them to look deep down inside. Editing out the bad parts will no longer work.

For most of my adult life I felt like a freak. Something was wrong with me.  Publicly I was very good at pretending everything was fine.  I was a husband, dad, and a pastor.  But privately, when no one was looking, a battle was going on inside of me.  I knew deep down I wasn’t who everyone else thought I was, and I believed the lie that I had to keep that part of me hidden because it wasn’t safe.  The problem with that strategy is the lie only grows.  My deepest desire was to be free. So I worked harder on the good parts of me, hoping to cancel out the bad parts of me. The last 8 years have been the loneliest, scariest, most soul-searching, answer-seeking years of my life. I’ve read dozens of books, had hundreds of conversations, read scripture through a new set of lenses, argued, pleaded, begged, and laughed with God during this journey.  FREEk Island is the outward result of my private journey. For the first time in my life I feel called and driven to help anyone else a chance to go on this journey with me and millions of others like me who are searching  in new places for old answers.  I am in the process of being repurposed. I am on the journey to becoming the best version of who God created me to be, in spite of everything that I have done, and thought in my past.  Traveling alone kinda sucks.  I am looking for fellow FREEks.

If you have a few minutes, my partner in crime, Scott VanDyke and I sat down in a local breakfast spot to talk about what a freek is.  If you have any questions, shoot us an email or join us on Facebook.