Island Resources

Things you'll need to survive and grow on FREEk Island


Resources are the key to survival once you’ve been washed ashore. As we grow we will add resources in one of the areas on FREEk Island; The Beach, Inland Station, or your personal Summit Journey.

You might find our original materials (books, videos, journal studies), FREEk-friendly book suggestions, movies, music, memes…ya know, good stuff for the mind and inner-FREEk.

As we move forward we will also add events we call LifeShops, both in person and online. And finally, watch for information on our Prodigal 180 Coaching personally designed to help you on your  FREEk Island Summit Journey.

Everything we do is about you and your journey. Somewhere inside of you is the best version of you. Like me, you may need a repurpose, but make no mistake…God hasn’t changed his opinion of you since the moment He created you.