Pastor Jekyll Mr Hide


“What if embracing the part of you that you want to hide the most was the key to freedom and peace?

Jekkyl and Hyde has become part of our vocabulary and slang. We use it to describe the conflict we see between good and evil. We use it as a weapon, an accusation or an explanation…and most of the time we use to to describe someone else. Someone in the news, the latest scandal, a boss, a former spouse, or an unreasonable neighbor.

But what about the person you know best? What about you? Not the “You” that you take to work or church or to social events. The other “You”. Your Mr. Hyde.
Your doubts. Your fears. Your thoughts.
The “You” that is unacceptable, unexplainable and unlovable. The “You” that you spend a lot of energy managing, suppressing, ignoring and controlling.

But, what if? What if?”